About Trumbull Mobile Meals

Ensuring that "no person goes hungry" in our community.

Trumbull Mobile Meals delivers a nutritious meal, a warm smile, and safety checks that help keep our seniors safe and living independently in their own homes.

Who We Are


Trumbull Mobile Meal’s goal is to make sure that the real face of hunger will fade away for those who are limited in mobility, ill/frail and home-bound. There is a large segment of our community that are wheelchair bound, use walkers and canes, are too ill to prepare a meal, or do not have the resources to drive to a congregate meal site or

food distribution centers.  

The program was founded in 1970 by the women of the 

Trumbull County Medical Society Alliance. 
The program is exclusive to Trumbull County, Ohio.


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Trumbull Mobile Meals goals are:

- To help individuals remain self sufficient in their own homes.

- Assist in delaying possible nursing home placement.

- Provide assistance during recovery following accident and/or illness.


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We are able to keep the cost of our meals affordable for those who are on fixed incomes or limited  budgets.  Assistance may be available to those unable to pay for the full cost of the meals through our Sliding-Scale program. The Sliding Scale program is made possible through generous donations from our community.

Healthy & Convenient 

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One or two meals a day
- Weekend meals
- Short and long term service
- Regular Meals
- Special diets
- No age restrictions
- Reasonable rates

Regular, Modified, Specialized, Therapeutic and Physician Prescriptive

- No concentrated sweets
- Low sodium
- Fat restricted
- Renal
- Bland
- Chopped  (mechanical)
- Pureed

Board Members & Staff


 Board of Directors 

Matthew Sauer 


Maryann McElfresh 

Vice Chair

Richard Lytle


Linda Donley


Marsha Terry

Acting Clergy

Rebecca Edwards     



Sandy Bailey 
Kathleen Bowen 
Dell Demetrius Carroll 
Anthony Cheff 
Paul Clouser 
Chrisi Economos 
Janet McGeough 
Noreen Modarelli 
Mike Paquet 
Gussie Reed 
Roger Reynolds 
Jean Schlecht 
Jan Solomon 
Michael Weaver 
Lucy Zinz 

Lisa Taddei

Miranda Boyer

 Full/Part Time Staff 

Rebecca Edwards - CEO
Melody Bailing - 
Kitchen Assistant
Kathy Bloom - 
Kitchen Chef
Wilber Collins - 
Food Service Associate
Christine Sanford - 
Volunteer Coordinator
Ned Lacy - 
Shuttle Driver
Susan Lombardi - 
Shuttle Driver
Lisa Kinsley - 
Valerie Reel - 
Financial Bookkeeper
Christine Sanford - 
Theresa Shaffer - 
Food Service Manager

Deb Reel - Marketing Coordinator

 Advisory Commitee 

Dr. Gary Gibson

Ron Gordon

Patricia James

Holly Maggiano, M.D.

Agapi Mantos, MS., RD., LD.

Patrick Parry

 Honorary Members 

Patricia Venetta

Robert Laird

Michael Rescineto

Sandy Lisko

Glenn Holmes

Randall Miller

Did You Know?


- TMM was started in 1970 by Jean Schlecht and Pat Venetta, with the help of fellow members of the Trumbull Medical Society Alliance.

- TMM started with just one client, and then increased to two when his neighbor told Jean Schlecht that since we had fed his neighbor for two weeks and had not poisoned him he would take our meals too.

- TMM serves approximately 230 clients Monday through Friday

- TMM provides a hot meal and one cold sack lunch, made fresh in our kitchen every day.

- TMM offers regular diets and modified meals for those who have special dietary needs.

- TMM allows for food exceptions for the discriminating client

- TMM serves 460 meals Monday through Friday and provides weekend meals for those who need additional help.

- Each day, 40-45 volunteers prepare, pack and deliver the meals Monday through Friday.

- TMM has a volunteer force of 350-400 people

- An additional 500 volunteers serve in other ways to support TMM and help with various events throughout the year.

- TMM has 28 delivery routes throughout the County.

- TMM delivers 120,000 meals annually.

- TMM uses 60 hot/cold insulated delivery bags per day, which means those bags are used over 15,000 times per year.

- Approximately 350 miles are driven each day to deliver meals.

- TMM volunteer drivers logged in over 90,000 miles last year. (24,859.82 miles is one time around the world). That is over 3X around the world!

- Gasoline dollars donated by our volunteers equate to more than
$12,000.00 per year.

- Volunteer hours per year amounted to 58,500 hours. Given the rate of $24.14 per hour, as per the Gov., our dedicated volunteers gave TMM over (1) one million dollars of their time to ensure that “No One Goes Hungry” in our neighborhoods.